Jeffree Star Skin Frost Review

After Jeffree Star took the internet by STORM after releasing his skin frosts they’ve always been a product that i’ve wanted. His 2016 winter collection included two new skin frosts, one of which i will be reviewing today- Princess Cut.

The cost of this is £25.50 ($29) which is a little pricey but considering the quality of this it’s definitely worth it. When i first tried it on i was already in love. The texture is extremely smooth and easy to apply. Its best to use a fan brush for light coverage or a smaller more detailed fluffy brush for higher pigmentation . I was surprised to see that there was no fallout when picking up the product and it was easily picked up by several different brushes. Throughout the day i noticed that it stayed on quite well. Towards the end of the day the highlight definetly worn off a bit but there definitely was still some sparkle and shimmer left.

Overall i think that i will buy another one of these because the pigmentation and the longevity of it is amazing and its not like anything that I’ve had before


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