How To Get The Best Coverage

My skin is quite problematic, acne, redness, dark circles, you name it! So i always would opt for high coverage foundations yet they didn’t quite make the cut for me.  Over the years I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks on how to apply your foundation and what products are the best (for me) and which don’t work so well. So obviously you can’t have a flawless coverage without a good base. My ALL TIME favourite (if you don’t look at the price that is) is the CHANEL Le blanc primer. This is great for dull skin and it’s also perfect or anyone who like me, has redness on their skin. The white colour really tones down redness and brightens up the complexion. If you want somethin to minimise pores instead I would say the L’oreal Infallible mattifying primer is a great route. After you’ve mastered your foundation next comes foundation. A recent addition to the Loreal family is the new Infallible Total cover foundation ( I’m literally in love with this) which has better coverage than any high end brand that I have tried. Another brand that has a great coverage is the Clinique 3 in 1 foundation. Of course you need something to blend that foundation, my go to is the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. We’re not quite done yet, you need concealer. If you have dark under eye circles like myself the Maybelline Under eye eraser concealer is best or if you have a few blemishes to cover, the NYX HD concealer is great. And the last step (finally!) is to set. Now to set you can either get a regular setting powder or a mattifying powder. The matte ones are better if you have oily skin. My favourite is the Maybelline set+smooth powder.

What are your tips on how to get the perfect base? Share them in the comments below!

-Justabloggerthing xoxo


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